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Lingerie Blog

Lingerie Blog

A Man’s Guide To Buying Lingerie

1) Know Her Size: Probably the most important part of buying lingerie is size, getting this part wrong could land you in the doghouse! Buy her something to big and she’ll think you see her that way. Buy her something to small and it could make her feel to big. At Girlfriends Lingerie we’ve tried to make sizing as simple as possible, every piece of lingerie is sized differently and its important you see the size chart for each piece included on every product page.

The best way to figure out which size to buy is to take a sneaky peak at the label in one of her favorite dresses or nighty, this should give you her dress size allowing you to select the right size on our store.

2) Know Her Style:

Attention to detail is always key. You want to buy her something that she feels comfortable, sexy and perhaps a bit naughty in wearing. Have a look through her wardrobe and take note of the kind of colors the majority of her clothes are, this will be the color that best compliments her. If she’s in to pale or subtle tones don’t go and buy her something bright and brash and vice versa if she prefers big bold colors.

3) Flatter Her:

We all know that woman can be extremely self-conscious especially when it comes to showing off their near naked bodies. When choosing a piece of lingerie try to choose something that will flatter her body type or conceal a part of her body she feels more self-conscious about.

A Babydoll or Chemise is a great choice for women that feel self-conscious, these offer more coverage while still remaining sleek and sexy. Many come with see through material or lace giving you a peak at what lies below while making your partner feel comfortable and relaxed.

4) Keep It Elegant:

When woman wear lingerie they want to feel elegant, seductive and desirable. For women it’s more about how the lingerie they’re wearing makes them feel. Don’t make her feel cheap, make her feel like a queen. At Girlfriends Lingerie we’ve selected lingerie that has all the quality, style and taste to make her melt.

5) Go The Extra Mile:

By now you’ve probably put a lot of thought and effort into buying her that perfect piece of Lingerie, so why not make it that extra bit special? Plan a romantic evening, pop open a bottle of wine, treat her to a nice meal and present her with the gift of lingerie. Remember lingerie is a gift that keeps on giving, the more effort you put in the more you will receive.